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Geology and Mineral Resources of Hyderabad District,Andhra Pradesh




The district is having variety of mineral resources and deposits. They are mainly lime stone,quartz, granites, sand, feldspar quartz, etc.,



The Major Minerals are governed by Central Act’1957 called as Major Mineral Regulation and Development Act’1957 and Mineral Concession Rules’1960. Mostly these Minerals are used for Industrial purpose. Brief description of each Major

Mineral is given below.

1. FELDSPAR: The Mineral finds use in Ceramic Industries. It is occurring in the district as Pocket deposits and its production quanty is 65,319 MTs per year it is available in Medchal, Hayathnagar, Maheshwaram, Rajendranagar and Malkajgir Mandals.

2 QUARTZ: The Mineral finds its use in Glass and Ferro Silicon Industries and its production quanty is 41,568 MTs per year. It is available in Medchal, Maheshwaram, Rajendranagar and Pargi Mandals.

3 LIMESTONE: The Mineral finds its use in Lime Industries and its production quanty is 12,36,655 MTs per year.It is availiable in Tandur and Marpally Mandals.

4. LATERITE: The Mineral is used in Cement maufacturing industries and its production quanty is 1,49,960 MTs per year.

5. FULLER’S EARTH: Fuller’s Earth is available in Chevella, Vikarabad and Tandur Mandals.

6. CLAY: Clays of different types are also available in Tandur area and these are presently being used in the Ceramic Industries.

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